One One Thousand (for The Red Hook Bait & Tackle)

by Paul Rosevear

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All proceeds from this track download will go to helping The Red Hook Bait and Tackle recover from Hurricane Sandy.

This bar is a special place. Strange, cozy, curious. It looks like someplace Hunter Thompson might have a beer with Salvatore Dali. The decor is unbelievable. It’s like a cross between The Museum of Natural History and a shipwreck.

Most importantly, it's the hub of a community and the source of many warm memories for the neighborhood. That’s the thing Hurricane Sandy could not destroy. I’m proud to have shared music on their stage and I can’t wait to do it again.

Please consider taking 30 seconds to grab the song and make a donation. Thank you.

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Out the front door into the setting sun
Down to the dock every night she'd run
Never quite knew what she was running from
But she wanted so much
One one thousand, two one thousand
When will it ever come

Diamonds on the water and the moon was bold
Dark blue was the sky where the stars took hold
Glittering city right across the bay
Like the ones in books
One one thousand, two one thousand
Still felt worlds away

It was never too loud and she liked it that way
The water told secrets as the boats would sway
Pounding in her chest every breath she'd take
She just can't stay
One one thousand, two one thousand
It's too hard too explain

And the hum of her little town back on the hill
Closing down for the night nearly everything still
A minute of space can be so cruel
But what can you do
Tomorrow's gonna be here soon

She'd run past the people with their coolers of beer
Laughing at jokes that she couldn't quite hear
Grandfather types with fishing poles cast
Kids counting down
One one thousand, two one thousand
Covering their eyes with their hands

Young lovers walking in a world of their own
Mothers pushing babies that'll soon be grown
Teens with their tongues in each others face
Old folks on a bench, not too far from home

And tonight every face flew by so fast
She'd never see them again and she didn't look back
Eyes straight ahead at the bright city lights
At the edge of the dock
One one thousand, two one thousand
Suddenly it all seemed right

She didn't slow down and she didn't dare stop
Kept on running and she ran right off
Landed with a splash and it felt so good
One one thousand, two one thousand
Better than she thought it would

One one thousand, two one thousand
Better than she thought it would


released November 14, 2012
music and lyrics written by Paul Rosevear
photo from



all rights reserved


Paul Rosevear Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey boy raised on Route 1.


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